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Staffing Initiatives to Implement for your AgencyFor the past two decades, the demand to find qualified candidates in the IT department has grown and continues to grow at a very rapid rate. This is due to the fact that technology has become essential to the success of most businesses. And that means the demand to find quality workers in this field has skyrocketed. As a result of this IT boom, we’ve witnessed IT staffing firms pop up all over the globe. Most noticeably, in America, where technology is changing and advancing every day. This fact alone poses many unique challenges for IT staffing firms to find all the right people for each companies needs.

Additionally, they also test each candidate to make sure he/she is capable of getting the job done before introducing him/her to the company to hire. Furthermore, after a candidate is chosen for a company, they’ll still remain an employee of the IT staffing company for a set period of time before they’re permanently hired. This is to ensure that the candidate for the position can manage his/her duties and responsibilities. Also, companies will hire directly through staffing firms if the candidate is perfect for the position. So without further ado, just check out some of the top IT staffing firms out there.

First, in today’s age of information, people with IT experience is in high demand like never before. So to help choose the right person for the job, companies hire through staffing firms to find the candidates. So as promised, here’s the list of the top IT staffing providers out there that are specialized in placing IT talent with the right companies.

• Aquent- Is a well known IT staffing firm that’s headquartered in Boston, MA. Furthermore, Aquent is located in 27 cities across America. Not to mention, they also have locations in Canada, France, UK, Netherlands, Australia, and Japan. Also, they also provide direct-hire solutions.

• Lofton Staffing– Here’s another staffing firm that has a long history of solving the puzzle of today’s IT staffing needs. Although they’re not as big as Aquent, they still hold a lot of credibility because they’ve been providing IT solutions since 1979! They’re also located mainly in Louisiana, but they also have locations in TX, MS, & AR.

• EdgeLink Staffing- This is another well-known staffing firm that has locations in Denver, CO & Portland, OR. This firm may not be very big, however, they work with a variety of different businesses. This includes small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. So if the Denver or Portland, OR area and looking for a solution to your IT needs, then check EdgeLink out.

• GDH Consulting- Here’s another impressive IT staffing firm that stands out with credibility. In fact, more than 22,000 people have been employed through GDH. Not to mention, they find candidates for companies all over the United States. So, they’re more online based than brick and mortar. Also, in 2018 they won the Best of Staffing Talent Award and Best of Staffing Client Award.

• PrideStaff- Here’s another top staffing firm that provides IT jobs all across America. They have more than 80 locations in 27 states, including CA, TX, & NY. Their core business is with smaller to medium size employers including some Fortune 500 companies as well. Not to mention, they’ve been in business for 40 years so they definitely have the connections and solutions.

• Advanced Resources- Hailing from Chicago, here’s another IT staffing company worth mentioning. In fact, the Chicago Tribune said they’re one of the top companies in Chicago to find work in the IT field. Also, they’re one of the fastest growing IT companies in the country. Furthermore, they have locations in New York City, Dallas, and Milwaukee.

• IntePros Consulting- Here’s another unique IT staffing firm that is well worth mentioning. First IntePros is a privately held, certified women-owned business that has been providing solutions for people in the IT field since 1996. Not to mention, they’ve won several awards including The Best of Staffing Award, Supplier Excellence Award, and the Information Technology Specialist of the Year award. Also, they made the list of top 100 women-led businesses. They have locations in MA, PA, CO, & MN.

In conclusion, as one can see, the demand is high. Also, the above list is only a glips into the bigger picture. Truth is there are thousands of IT staffing firms out there all in search of quality IT professionals looking for a permanent company to call home. The list above only highlights the diversity of IT staffing solutions. No matter what state you live in, there is an IT staffing firm nearby. In fact, it’s been reported that 90% of companies looking to hire an IT professional go through an IT staffing firm. So no matter what your talent is, rather it be, architecture, cybersecurity, engineering, software development, technical & content writing, and all other IT related skills, an IT staffing firm is definitely where you want to start. On that note, we hope you found this article informative. If so, please spread the word and let’s get America to work!

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